Editors: Anke Hilbrenner, Ekaterina Emeliantseva, Christian Koller, Manfred Zeller, Stefan Zwicker

Institution: Scientific Network for Eastern European History of Sports (Department of Eastern European History, University of Bonn)
Editorial Office: Hermann Beyer-Thoma
ISSN: 2198-2457

The handbook is the result of the work carried out by the Scientific Network ‟Integration und Desintegration: Zur Sozial- und Kulturgeschichte des Osteuropäischen Sports im internationalen Vergleich” (Integration and Dis-Integration: On the Social and Cultural History of East European Sports in International Comparison). It has been sponsored by the German Research Foundation since 2009 and is located at the University of Bonn’s Department of East European History.
An innovative concept has been developed for publishing the findings: during the time while the handbook is being produced – and this phase will cover at least the period in which it is being sponsored – the individual contributions are being made available exclusively as online preprints via ViFaOst and the IOS Regensburg sites. During this stage, the individual articles may still be updated on a regular basis. The different versions of these articles are being labeled in order to ensure their ability to be cited and are being kept in an archive for further verifiability. After the completion of the project the entire encyclopedia will be available in book form via OstDok, either as a PDF download or as a reasonably priced book-on-demand.


Introduction / Einleitungskapitel


  • East Central Europe/Ostmitteleuropa
    • Stefan Zwicker: Ostmitteleuropa (19.01.2017) >>
  • Eastern Europe (Russian and Soviet Empire)/Osteuropa im engeren Sinne (Russisches Reich und Sowjetunion)
  • South East Europe/Südosteuropa
    • Stefan Rohdewald: Zugänge zu einer Sozial- und Kulturgeschichte des südosteuropäischen Sports unter besonderer Berücksichtigung Jugoslawiens (23.08.2013) >>
  • North East Europe/Nordosteuropa

Systematischer Teil:

  • Body and Sport/Körper und Sport
    • Anke Hilbrenner / Kateryna Kobchenko: Körper und Sport. Zur Konstruktion von Körperbildern mithilfe des Sports (26.03.2014) >>
  • Nation, Nationalism, Ethnicity and Sport/Nation, Nationalismus, Ethnizität und Sport
  • Authority and Sport/Herrschaft und Sport
    • Jenifer Parks: Promoting Authority Through Sport by States and Societies of Eastern Europe (14.02.2015) >>
  • Violence and Sport/Gewalt und Sport
    • Jörg Ganzenmüller / Manfred Zeller: Zuschauergewalt im östlichen Europa (19.11.2013) >>
  • Migration and Sport/Migration und Sport
  • Sport and Institutions/ Sport und Institutionen
    • Christian Koller: Sport und Institutionen (27.06.2012) >>
  • Economy and Sport/Wirtschaft und Sport
  • Media and Sport/Medien und Sport
  • Technical Innovation, Science and Sport/Technik, Wissenschaft und Sport
    • Nikolaus Katzer / Stefan Rohdewald: Sport, Wissenschaft und Technik (23.08.2013) >>
  • Urban Space and Sport/Urbanität und Sport
  • Sport and Cultural Memory/Sport und Erinnerungskulturen
    • Gregor Feindt: Erinnerung an das „Todesspiel von Kiew". Perspektiven für eine Erinnerungsforschung zu Sport in Osteuropa (25.06.2012) >>
  • Sport and the Arts/Sport und Kunst
    • Przemysław Strożek: Footballers in Avant-garde Art and Socialist Realism before World War II (16.02.2015) >>



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