Historische Bücherkunde Südosteuropa [Historical Bibliography Southeast Europe]

Edited by Mathias Bernath, Karl Nehring
Editorial Office: Gertrud Krallert, Gerhard Seewann
The Historische Bücherkunde Südosteuropa (Historical Bibliography Southeast Europe) was published as a commentated bibliography on the history of the entire region of Southeast Europe, including its great empires – the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburg Monarchy. The annotated bibliographical references were limited to the period from the 6th century to 1918.

Volume 1: Mittelalter [Middle Ages].
Part 1: Munich 1978. XV, 671 pages (Südosteuropäische Arbeiten, 76.1).
Part 2: Munich 1980. XXVI, pages 674–1683. (Südosteuropäische Arbeiten, 76.2).

Volume 2: Neuzeit [Modern Age].
Part 1: Osmanisches Reich, Makedonien, Albanien [Ottoman Empire, Macedonia, Albania]. Munich 1988. XXV, 519 pages (Südosteuropäische Arbeiten, 76.3).
Part 2: Rumänien 1521–1918 [Romania 1521–1918]. Edited by Manfred Stoy. Munich 2002. XX, 687 pages (Südosteuropa-Bibliographie / Supplementary Volume, 4).