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Seminarreihe des Arbeitsbereichs Ökonomie am IOS

Zeit: Dienstag, 13.30–15.00 Uhr
Ort: Leibniz-Institut für Ost-und Südosteuropaforschung (IOS); vorerst online via Zoom, Link wird mit den Einladungen verschickt!

Forschungslabor: „Geschichte und Sozialanthropologie Südost‐ und Osteuropas“

Zeit: Donnerstag, 14–16 Uhr (Lehrstuhl) oder 16–18 Uhr (Graduiertenschule und Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus)
Ort: WiOS, Landshuter Str. 4 (Raum 017)

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Civil Society and Peacebuilding: The Case of the Post-Soviet Space

Type: Text

Title: Civil Society and Peacebuilding

Subtitle: The Case of the Post-Soviet Space

Creator: Cécile Druey

DOI: 10.15457/cp_1_137-150

Date of Publication: 19.02.2018

License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Language: English

Availability: Download

Description: Official and unofficial strands of mediation and dialogue each have their potential, but also their limits, and should not be seen as competing, but as complementing one another. However, the fact is that the different “tracks”, or political levels of peacebuilding, often act in isolation from, or even in opposition to, one another. Civil society could play an interesting role in mediating the different levels, and therewith make the effort for peace more effective. However, as the example of the post-Soviet space shows, civil society peacebuilders are in a deep crisis due to internal weaknesses, repression by the government and donor exigencies. Whether civil society will succeed in breaking free from this vicious circle depends to a large extent on its ability to re-invent itself.

Geographical Area: Post-Soviet Space, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan

Keywords: peacebuilding, tracks of mediation, civil society, people’s diplomacy, protracted conflicts, post-Soviet space

Structured recordings: Relitz, Sebastian (ed.): Obstacles and Opportunities for Dialogue and Cooperation in Protracted Conflicts. Regensburg: Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS), 2018. ISBN: 978-3-945232-01-9.

Citation: Druey, Cécile (2018): Civil Society and Peacebuilding: The Case of the Post-Soviet Space. Version: 1. Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS). Text.